Driving the Future: Meet the Woman Pioneering Electric Car Innovations at GM

With the world riding forward on electric vehicles, General Motors isn’t far behind either. However, their steering wheel is in the safe hands of a young and established employee, Kelly Helfrich. Learn more about the woman whose contributions have made GM a renowned brand in the world of electric vehicles.

Who Is Kelly Helfrich?

The Michigan-based, 32-year-old Kelly Helfrich is an employee at General Motors, a well-known multinational automotive manufacturer. Helfrich is an EV and charging infrastructure department manager, and her degree in Economic development and management has helped her well.

Most of Helfrich‘s day involves meetings to improve the infrastructure of charging ports for EVs to make them more accessible to the masses. GM is actively working on optimizing the experience the public has with EVs, and Helfrich is one of the pillars of the operations carried out to make these goals attainable.

How Has Helfrich Contributed to EV Innovation at General Motors?

Helfrich has always been a believer in EVs as the future of vehicles. Her job at GM fits her beliefs and goals well. Kelly has worked on various projects and campaigns to help make EVs accessible for all.

So far, one of Helfrich’s most considerable contributions is converting EV skeptics to fans. The brilliant young mind got several Chevrolet Bolt EVs and offered them to rideshare drivers and delivery men.

The project known as Maven was an urban mobility solution that helped drivers rent EVs every week and make income. Ultimately, Helfrich and her team convinced drivers to use electrified solutions more often. Meanwhile, Helfrich had hands-on experience in infrastructure and planning, which helped her in her job.

Future Projects at GM

Helfrich is working on various projects simultaneously. Most of them aim to make EVs and associated charging infrastructure accessible and user-friendly for drivers. Therefore, Helfrich’s recent meetings have been about nearby electricians resolving issues with EVs, identifying areas where more charging stations are required, etc.

Kelly’s Advice to Young Women

A firm believer in learning and change, Helfrich strongly advises young women and men to keep learning constantly. No matter the field, it’s essential to have first-hand experience with processes and be always passionate about learning. From books to podcasts to project meetings, every interaction with a source of information is a learning platform.

Helfrich’s Philanthropic Contributions

In 2007, Helfrich co-founded the Cornerstone Youth Development fund with her dad. The organization aims to make education accessible and affordable for youth across Detroit and various East African countries.

Some significant contributions have been toward tuition fees and quality stationery. The organization raises and donates funds and hopes to generate generational change with educated youth.

Kelly and numerous women like her are changing how we view the world. It’s not enough to have goals; action is essential too. Kelly was always passionate about leading the world toward the electrical evolution of vehicles.

She gets to do so at one of the world’s largest automotive companies because she is ready to get in the game. Are you waiting for a push? This article is it!