How to Quit Your Job And Join The Great Resignation

If you’ve decided that you’ve spent enough time at a firm and are not getting the salary or promotion you deserve, it can make sense to resign and seek another job. However, the best option is to secure another job before quitting your current one, so you are not left unemployed. Let’s explore how to resign from your job with confidence.

Know Your Reason For Quitting

You should know the exact reason why you’re quitting your job, which means you need to do some honest self-reflection to narrow down your motivation. Sometimes people build up a lot of resistance towards their work and rationalize it as the job being too difficult or taking too much out of them.

If you’re being lazy or in the habit of procrastinating your tasks, maybe you need to optimize your routine so that you wake up early and get started without delays. However, many people find another job that is more aligned with their personal goals and ambition, making sense to quit.

Speak to your manager and get your points across, and leave while knowing you’re making the right decision for your future.

Be Prepared For Your Next Venture

If you’ve decided to quit your job, you may want to secure another one before leaving to avoid being unemployed. You may have to do some research to find a job that is more compatible with the life you want, one that promises a work-life balance.

It’s important that you’re not impulsive with your decisions and that you actually take some time to plan your next moves, so you are in the best position possible to take the proper steps. If you want to move up the corporate ladder, you will need to find a job that builds your resume and improves your skills. If your reason for leaving was due to a bad manager, make sure that the new job’s manager is nicer.

Don’t Cut All Ties

It’s crucial that you maintain some of the relationships you have developed at work because they can be useful in the future. You should try to leave on good terms with your manager and colleagues so that you build a network of individuals who can assist you because they have become your friends.

Give notice before leaving your job, so you do not cause any major inconveniences. If you have any tasks that are left pending, you should try to get them done so that you don’t leave any loose ends behind.

Burning bridges can be a wrong move to make because your network equals your net worth. The relationships you establish with your peers are very important and part of helping each other out in life.

Final Verdict

You should refer to these tips if you are wondering how to quit your job with confidence, as they will set you up for a better life in the future. It’s important that we take some time to think things through instead of acting impulsively, as this can benefit us in the long run.