Steps To Take When Your Company Wants You Back After Getting Laid Off

As 2022 draws to a conclusion, many businesses are letting their employees go. In preparation for a recession in 2023, upwards of half of U.S. CEOs have reportedly considered restructuring and redundancies.  

News coverage has been dominated by a surge in layoffs over the last month. Some companies that have made employment cuts include Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce, Redfin, Meta, Citigroup, and Barclays.  

Workers frequently “tomahawk” back to their former workplaces in recent years. Considering the variety of businesses firing employees, Twitter is unlikely to be the only business to request the return of dismissed employees. During this challenging economic environment, some employees might have no option but to comply and return to a company that had instructed them to leave.  

Therefore, the question is: How do you go back to a job you’ve lost? Three components to bear in mind when you decide to work for an old employer again are as follows.

Do Not Harbor Resentment

A layoff is rarely simple to endure. Recent research found that those who harbor resentments are more prone to suffer protracted bad moods, despair, and anxiety.  

Keep your resentments at bay when you work for your former company. The biggest obstacle to your contentment and success in life can be hanging onto grudges since it makes it difficult to move ahead and reach new objectives.  

We strongly advise learning to forgive others you might have a grudge against, even though it might be tricky. Replace old, unpleasant experiences with fresh, happier ones as another means of letting go of grudges.  

Within the first three months, note one good quality about your company that you particularly like or have noticed. Be open to fresh opportunities. Keep in mind that you do not wish to carry hatred or bitterness into this new beginning.  

Look For A New Opportunity  

It may be alluring to visit an old workplace and present yourself as though nothing has happened. However, it’s highly probable that the business would have changed from the one you once recall working for if the company was required to restructure.  

As a result, it is in your best interest to present yourself as someone who is embarking on a brand-new job with a new firm. Of course, it can be difficult. But if you can, attempt to build some enthusiasm for this new chance.  

That can include updating your clothes or heading out for a celebration with loved ones. Or perhaps you’ve even begun planning the first holiday you could take after getting used to your new position.  

To help you change your perspective, think about establishing new routines. These could include reaching out to colleagues you haven’t interacted with frequently in the past or experimenting with alternative schedules for your tea and lunch breaks.  

Shake up your at-home office setup or try sitting in a separate location at work to help you concentrate on rejoining your former workplace. Using this new perspective, you could give yourself a new beginning and safeguard your mental health.  

Use Existing Relationships As A Support System 

You probably already recognize a few of your coworkers, which is one of the major benefits of returning to your old workplace. You can make a difference in your new career using the connections you already have.   

Returning to a former employer can be difficult, and it’s easy to harbor insecurities among coworkers. But remember that your coworkers will appreciate seeing your friendly face again because they prefer to work with you.  

Establishing a completely new work environment will depend on how well you get along with your coworkers. Coming back to a job after being let go could be one of your best professional moves in 2022 if you’re able to change your perspective, release your resentment, rebuild established relationships and excel in your career.