In The Midst Of Uncertainty You Should Embrace Joy

There are two philosophies in life, one of which allows you to accept uncertainty.  

Hard Work + Success = Happiness.  

Value-Aligned Work + Happiness = Long-Term Success and Motivation 

Which one do you follow? 

We all are and always have been following the first one. Our elders have ingrained in our brains that you can only achieve happiness if you work hard and succeed.  

Uncertainty is not a bad thing. We human beings crave information, but haven’t you heard, “Ignorance is bliss.” Some things are not worth knowing because they either lead to chaos or impact your life in no way.  

Ambiguity is not a threat. However, it makes us believe that not knowing something diminishes our focusing abilities. As a result, we can never feel certain about a decision. Yes, uncertainty is a challenge, but there’s a way to live with it. Let’s figure out how: 

Don’t Resist 

Resisting things will never help us recover. For example, your friend belongs to a different country and wants you to try a delicacy that does not seem appetizing. You refuse to try it, which robs you of experiencing something new.  

Just because you are uncertain of the flavor does not mean it will taste bad. It might taste good. What we resist and persist; that’s the reality.  

To stop resisting, you must practice patience and self-acceptance. Surrender to your problems and emotions.  

Bottling them up will only lead to frustration. It does not mean you are giving up. You are accepting the situation and saying to yourself, “I am going to find a way.” 

Don’t Fixate On Your Thoughts 

If you are an over-thinker, you probably give into worst-case scenarios. Stress has a way of making you feel like everything is spiraling out of control.  

As a result, you act in a panic, which sometimes leads to disasters. The self-doubt then begins, and you start with the “what-if” scenarios.  

So, instead of believing in everything you think, approach a problem rationally. Let any negative thoughts flow by and focus on the positive.  

Identify What You Can and Can’t Change 

Uncertainty makes us think the worse. However, if you think about it, certain things in life are in your hands. You have the power to change them. As for what you can’t change, instead of fixating on it, adopt the philosophy, “Out of sight, out of mind.” 

Pay Attention 

If you look at the small details, you will see the uncertainty you are experiencing is not that big of a deal. To keep a check on it, stay in the present instead of thinking about the future.  

When we see something that can be approved, we think about what steps we can take to solve it. We use our talents and skills to become a part of the solution.  

Having a purpose and meaning in life grounds us. When the world becomes scary due to uncertainty, we find hope in the knowledge that there are people who care for us. So, ground yourself and stop paying attention to the future.