Google Cloud’s Global Expansion: Unlocking New Frontiers in Six Additional Countries

Google’s Cloud is an incredible global network serving over 200 countries and most of the world. As of 2022, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) held 10% of the market share regarding cloud infrastructure and services. The platform has millions of users and offers a minimum of 15GB of cloud storage to each user. All of this cloud storage would require significant physical infrastructure to support it.

The Latest Announcements from Google

As a part of expanding its physical cloud infrastructure, Google announced in October 2022 that it would be launching new Google Cloud regions in six more countries. These countries are Austria, South Africa, Norway, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Greece.

This announcement from Google comes quickly after another similar announcement in August, which mentioned that the cloud infrastructure would be launched in Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Thailand, as well.

But that’s not all. Google also plans to launch even more infrastructure regions in 2023, which include Italy, France, Spain, Ohio, and Texas.

What the Expansion of Google’s Physical Cloud Infrastructure Really Means

But what does the physical expansion and setup of Google’s cloud infrastructure really mean for cloud users? Well, for one, it means that all of Google’s latest innovations would be more closely available to users in those regions, and as the cloud expands to more and more regions, more and more users will have access to them. This will enable businesses and private users to completely transform the way they interact with the Google Cloud Platform and to reimagine how their businesses are run.

As Google continues to offer cloud infrastructure and as more regions and countries get better access to the Google Cloud Platform, we can expect Google to rise in the ranks of its competition: mainly Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. And although Google has had a slow start to expanding beyond its main regions, it is starting to catch up now and expanding significantly.

In fact, South Africa is the first cloud infrastructure region in Africa that Google is expanding to. With its first regional launch in the continent, Google is quick to follow and keep up with competitors Amazon and Microsoft.

Some of Google Cloud Platform’s biggest customers include makes like Spotify, Elvia, and Vienna Insurance Group, amongst others. These customers depend on Google’s ability to continuously grow and expand and to drive innovation to deliver more security, greater access, and better experiences.