Five Signs to Spot Backstabbers at Work

The world is filled with good people. However, there are some bad apples that you must beware of. Like in any area of life, you can run into backstabbers at work. Trusting these untrustworthy people can prove detrimental to you, and that’s the last thing you want at work.

Often, backstabbers mask their personality between a façade, compliments, and acts of service. This obfuscation can leave you confused about whether to trust them or not. If you tend to trust people easily, you must know what differentiates good people from not-so-good ones.

Here are five common signs of a backstabber at your workplace.

1. They Excessively Compliment You

Backstabbers try to flatter you to cover the scheming they are doing behind your back. They will compliment you all the time, bordering on excess. This adoration can seem genuine initially, but it doesn’t take the smartest person to catch onto this trick. Maintain a safe distance from anyone at work who always appears too nice.

2. They Backbite About Others

Everyone knows someone at work who backbites about the people they always hang out with. This is a major red flag and indicative of a backstabber. It is their second nature to talk ill about people; if you let them too close, they’ll talk about you next. Do not indulge them, and politely excuse yourself from the scene. Remember, small minds discuss people.

3. They Are a Different Person in Front of the Boss

Employees tend to be more informal when their manager isn’t around and that’s okay! But if you notice someone taking a 180-degree turn, that’s a telltale sign of a backstabber. Such people change faster than chameleons and may also throw you under the bus if need be. Do not mingle too much with such people.

4. They Try to Rile You Up

Backstabbers act like they have your best interests at heart when they don’t. They may instigate you to fight for an extra holiday or talk to a co-worker who didn’t do their share of work to start feuds and discord. But they won’t do any of this when it comes to themselves so as not to tarnish their image. Instead of falling prey to their mind games, do what you deem best.

5. They Start the Office Gossip

Anyone at the center of the office gossip couldn’t be good news. They share whatever secrets they find about others, signaling they are not trusted. They will also try to start a seemingly harmless conversation with you to get out the juicy details. Next thing you know, you’re in the eye of the storm! Beware of such people and never share anything with them.

Final Word

Navigating your work life can be challenging at times. You often wonder if you’re making the right, trustworthy work friends. When you spot the telltale signs of a backstabber, it’ll be easier to cultivate healthier work relationships than waste your time and energy on a traitor.