Find Online Business Ideas Using The Zig Zag Technique

One of the things that people don’t seem to understand is that offering the same product or services as everyone else is likely not to be received well by your audience. This is because you are not standing out in any way, and your business looks exactly the same as many others.

To combat this, it helps to develop a new idea that caters to a select few people instead of trying to garner everyone’s attention, which usually leads to failure. When others zig, you should zag, meaning it is in your best interests to stand out from the crowd. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Although it’s easy to find information today, people struggle to apply it practically and consistently over a long period. Once they fail to produce any real results, they become disillusioned and do not pursue the path any further.

The Zig Zag concept makes it easy for you to stand out from the competition by deeply understanding the language of your target audience and market. This means connecting with people authentically is in your best interests instead of trying to market at them.

People are now more aware than ever of when they’re being funneled or treated like just another number, making them resistant to the effects of marketing. Instead of being a salesman, the zig-zag concept teaches you to become a trusted advisor.

Before you can apply the right strategies for marketing your online business, you should spend some time brainstorming ideas that could become profitable businesses. For example, suppose you’re passionate about business and wish to offer online coaching. In that case, you should think of the ins and outs of what you’re willing to offer in terms of customizable plans for your target audience.

Most ideas do not amount to anything unless you test them out in the market. Even if your idea is not fully formed, you can still test it in the real world to consider feedback from your audience.

The zig-zag technique involves asking someone about your idea and whether they’d be willing to pay money for it. Ask them for feedback and input regarding developing a website around it, advice from their friends, and any problems that immediately stand out (in their heads).

Once you’ve got their response, write down exactly what they said so you know their frustrations and objections. You can then narrow down people’s feelings, making it possible to find your target audience and speak their language.

Therefore, the zig-zag technique makes it possible for you to pitch an original idea, revise it based on your feedback, and think about how you thought people would respond and how they responded. Many people only talk about ideas and do not take any action.

By spending some time testing and revising an idea and looking at what people say about it, you can clarify misconceptions in your head and take practical steps toward creating an online business. Focusing on short-term gains is a failed concept, so you should learn the nuances of online business instead of trying to monetize your idea immediately.