Circumstances To Consider Taking A Sabbatical From Work

The world demands productivity from us. In turn, we demand productivity from ourselves too. Every single day is just about movement.

We start the day with thoughts of work; many of us end the day with work. With people constantly working overtime, struggling to meet deadlines, and finding it difficult to get a few minutes for themselves without feeling crushing guilt.

Most workers also strive to squeeze work or something healthy or productivity of any sort into every waking moment. This will make you crash at some point.

Many people don’t even crash. Many people get used to working stress and the anxiety associated with their daily grind and don’t know what to do when their time is unstructured. This habitual stress and anxiety may be suitable for productivity, but it is not great for the overall well-being of a person.

This is exactly why many of us should consider taking a sabbatical. Sabbatical is a fancy word primarily associated with people in the dusk of their careers.

Having done everything they want, they take a year’s retreat to Africa to” find themselves” or” repurpose their lives.” No, this is the media’s definition of a sabbatical. Everyone can and should take one from time to time.

Yes, many of us are frozen and terrified at letting unstructured time seep into our lives. How will we explain the gap in our CV? Will it look good for us? What if we completely lose the will to work ever again?

We can assure you that all of these situations are easy to handle. So here is what you do when you want to take a sabbatical.

Rest And Relaxation Are Just One Part of It

A sabbatical is different from a vacation. Rest and relaxation are core parts of a vacation. The whole point is to do nothing. A Sabbatical is not like that. You can and you should do a lot of things. The point is that these things should be outside your comfort zone.

For example, you can try experimenting with your fashion choices. Step out of the court shoes and blazer and get into a floral dress. Or try wearing that pair of jeans that have been catching dust in your wardrobe since high school.

Alternatively, you can even try a new hobby. For example, start playing an instrument or go to the gym again. The world is full of possibilities.

You Do Not Have to Be Away From Your Home The Whole Time

When we think of sabbaticals, we think of extended vacations in a foreign land. However, you can very easily take a sabbatical at your home too. The point is to define yourself outside of work.

Some Redefinition Does Need To Happen

Remember that work is not eternal. There will come a time when you have no work and must sit with your thoughts. Try to redefine your purpose before that happens. Remember what is important to you and work on that.